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Machine Knitting Links

Diana's Machine Knitting Blog - http://diananatters.blogspot.com.  Diana is a member of our club and has over 1,400 blog posts about machine knitting, as well as videos and patterns.

Here are some additional MK links. We’re not affiliated with these individuals and businesses, just sharing useful information.

Angelika’s Yarn Store - http://www.yarn-store.com/ Shopping for yarn and machine knitting supplies

Angora Valley - http://www.angoravalley.com/csm.html - Pat Fly’s wonderful circular sock knitting machine site

Answer Lady - http://www.theanswerlady.com/ - patterns, techniques

April Mills’ site - http://www.everett.com/users/mills/ a lot here, especially beautiful Nordic machine knitting patterns.

Aurora Yarn Supply - http://www.yarnups.com/ - parts, supplies and yarn

Back to Back Knits - http://www.backtobackknits.com/home.html - Yarn, knitting supplies, and free patterns

Bivens, Liz - http://www.bivens.ca/machine_knitting.htm - Machine knitting information and lessons. Liz is sharing her past club demos!

Clearwater Knits - http://www.clearwaterknits.com/ - Irene Woods books, tutorials, patterns, dealer list

Cochenille - http://www.cochenille.com/ - Garment Designer software, books, patterns

Cotton Clouds - http://www.cottonclouds.com/ - yarn shopping

Country Knitting of Maine - http://www.countryknittingofmaine.com/_sgt/f10000.htm - shopping site but also new publisher of News and Views magazine

Country Rain - http://www.countryrain.com/ - circular sock knitting machine site

Custom Knits & Mfg. - http://www.customknitsmfg.net/ - The Rosman’s site with machines, parts, supplies, accessories and yarn trees.

Daisy Knits - http://www.daisyknits.com/ - Lora Kinnan’s site with patterns, MK compatibility charts, shopping, production knitting information, seminar and class info

DFW Machine Knitting Guild - http://www.dfwmachineknitters.com/ - our friends at Dallas-Ft. Worth’s site. Meeting info & lots of free patterns.

Distinctive Knits - http://www.dknits.com/ - Scott Renno and Michael Becker’s site. Knitting machines, accessories, parts, supplies, books, and patterns, as well as supplies for other fiber arts.

Foss Plus - http://www.fossplus.com/ - Silver Reed knitting machines, yarn, accessories

Get Knitting website - http://www.getknitting.com/ Abbreviations, size charts, tips, techniques, club lists

Glass, Suzanne - http://www.cstone.net/~glass/ – patterns!

Griffiths, Helen - http://www.helenengusa.com/ - elegant patterns for Japanese machines; emphasis on double-bed techniques. Helen does seminars, too.

Hauser, Marcia - http://www.marciahauser.nu/ - Machine knitting patterns and inspiration.

Huff, Jacqueline - http://www.machineknittingshop.com/ - machine knitting shop with yarn, supplies, and machines

June Bug’s Place - http://www.junebugsplace.com/ - Books, patterns, software, and supplies

Kidoodles Site - http://www.kidoodles.net/ - Machine knitting patterns and information

Knit and Sew – http://www.knitandsew.com/ - yarn, knitting machines, sewing supplies, magazines

Knitcraft - http://www.knitcraft.com/knitcraft/index.php The DAK (Design a Knit Software) site.

Knit Knack Shop - http://www.knitknackshop.com/ - Charlene and Tricia Shafer books, seminars, shopping for yarn and machine knitting supplies

Knitten Buds - http://knittenbuds.com/ shopping site – especially 2/24 yarn and DJ afghan patterns

Knitter’s Edge - http://knittersedge.com/ online “magazine” with many patterns and lessons.

Knitwords Magazine – http://www.knitwords.com/ - published by Mary Anne Oger. Subscription info, bookstore, tips/techniques, photo gallery

Knutson, Ronnie - http://www.lacecarriage.com/ Studio/Silver Reed/Singer dealer, Canada, website has links, free patterns, and help sheets for beginners.

Machine knitting - http://www.machine-knit.com/ - Resource pages, all kinds of information and patterns.

Machine knitting Monthly – http://www.machineknittingmonthly.net/index.php - subscription information, columns, and clubs

Magic Cables - http://www.magiccables.com/index.html - Site to obtain Ricki Mundstock’s magic cable books and patterns.

Montgomery, Eileen - http://www.eileenmontgomery.com/ - books, patterns, techniques

Mielke’s Farm http://www.mielkesfarm.com/csm/sock_machine_gallery.htm - circular sock knitting site, lots of other fiber goodies.

Needle-Tek - http://www.needle-tek.com/pages - yarns, supplies, service and repairs

Newton’s Yarn Country - http://www.newtons.com/ - Yarn shopping, parts, machines, accessories. He has hard-to-find parts.

Old Tyme Stockings - http://www.oldtymestockings.com/SockMachinesforSale.html Circular sock machine site with wonderful photographs.

Sandee’s Kwik Knit - http://www.sandeeskwikknit.com/ Sandee Cherry’s website with a wide assortment of books, patterns, and machine knitting supplies, some unique.

Sew ‘n Knit ‘n Serge Outlet – http://www.sewknit.ca/index.htm - Peter Smith’s online knitting machine parts, supplies, including some rare parts and equipment.

Smoking Needles – http://www.smokingneedles.com/ - Rachelle Moffett - Machine knitting information, patterns, and inspiration

Stephanie’s Studio and Yarn - http://www.sumi-soft.com/yarn/index.html - shopping for yarn, fancy and utility, Stephanie’s Yarn Club

Triola, Bonnie - http://bonnietriolayarns.com/ - yarn shopper’s stash-building site

Wilde, Barb - http://rosewoodyarns.com/ - Rosewood Yarns is her yarn shop, and a group of us visited her llama ranch for a sock crank-in

Yarn Council of America Standards & Guidelines - http://www.yarnstandards.com/ - lists of handknitting and crochet abbreviations, yarn symbols and classifications, and standard size charts

Yarns-and - http://www.yarns-and.com/ - Shopping for yarn, knitting machines and accessories

Yellow River Station – http://www.yrstation.com/ sheep information and circular sock knitting machine info. Has some lessons.