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Triangular Knitted Shawl

Designed by Sheila Sonnet

A handknitting pattern. Copies of this pattern are not for resale.

Materials: Size 10 circular knitting needles, 29 inches long; & 12 oz of 4 ply yarn in your choice of color. Can also be made with 3-ply yarn for a lighter weight shawl.

Cast on 1 stitch.

Row 1 Increase in this stitch (2 stitches).

Row 2 -- Knit 1, yarnover, knit 1. Turn at end of row.

Row 3 Knit across row until there are only 2 stitches on left needle. Knit 1, yarnover (on right needle), & knit 1. Turn at end of row.

Continue with Row 3 until piece measures 30 inches down center back. Bind off loosely.

Fringe Add fringe of 6 inches long on 3 sides. Start fringe at center back, skip 2 loops, & fringe in next loop. (These are the yarnovers you made as you were knitting). Shawl should measure 56" across longest side.