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Round Yoke Teddy Bear Sweater

By Diana Sullivan

Materials: Fine 4 Ply in 3 colors

Pattern #50 in Stitch World

Links to additional patterns (DAK format):

DAK Yoke Files

Cast on 162 stitches (81 each side of zero) and knit about 10 rows of waste yarn. Take off the cast on comb and hang weights evenly across.

RC 000. Change to main yarn (blue) and turn on selector.

Knit 1 row; change to MC, thread second color (gray) and knit to RC9. Push back end needles.

Move needles forward to hold position. Place brass garter bar needle holders. I like to set the left one first, lined up at zero. Push stitches back. Hang triple transfer tool at 1-3 left of zero (this is to secure the stitches while working with the stitches on the right side of zero.

Using credit card cut on a slant, open all the latches. Put section of garter bar on the needles right of zero. Close the latches. Hold the garter bar slightly slanted upward, toward your chin, and pull the stitches onto the garter bar. Push the stitches on the garter bar securely. Put 2 left stitches back on needles; **move garter bar 1 needle to the left, put on next 4 stitches, repeat from ** on across. Take off the brass keeper and make sure your rightmost needle with a stitch is now 61. Repeat the same routine left of zero.

Pop out the MC button. Advance the pattern using the up key to row 18, knit across, selecting needles. Put the speckled yarn (fish color) in the MC feeder and knit the fish. After the plain row, push back the end needles.

Follow the decrease instructions, above, except move the stitches in groups of 3 and end on 41 each side of zero.

Switch to pattern #532 (1 x 1 rib), use the garter carriage at T4 (or the ribber) and do 6 rows ribbing, then 1 row loose and latch off the neck.

Steam the yoke to make it easier to handle. Carefully mattress stitch the seam and work in all the ends.

T6, hang the yoke upside down and pick up 40 stitches for the front (arrange so the seam runs along a shoulder) from needle #20L to needle #20R. Cast on using an e-wrap an extra 5 stitches on the right. I hang a garter carriage weight on the 5. Put all the needles except newly cast on ones in hold position, set carriage for hold. Knit across the newly cast on stitches, **pull 1 needle back to hold, knit across, push 3 needles into work, repeat from ** until COR and stitches almost to zero in work. Take carriage off hold, knit across, cast on 5 on left side. Repeat as for right. Knit 6 more rows, then a ribbing for 6 rows and bind off.

The back and each sleeve are knit the same as the front. I have knit the front and back first and picked up stitches from the front and back for the sleeve instead of casting on the 5 stitches.

Finishing: steam and seam the sweater, hide the ends.