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Little Christmas Sock

(Suitable for Ornament)

Diana Sullivan



Yarn: Red, White, Green Trenzi or other 2/24 or fingering weight yarn


Set carriage to plain knit, T5

Bring out EON – right of 0 to #16, left of 0, to #15

Thread white yarn, knit across, hang comb

Knit 4 more rows

Bring in-between needles into work plus bring #16 left into work

Change tension to T7

Knit 7 rows

Lift hem


Program pattern #66 from Stitch World

Change to select needles, go outside turn mark, knit 1 row white

Set for MC, thread green into MC feeder

K 6 rows


Change to plain knit but continue to select needles

Knit until needles selected

Set MC, thread red into MC feeder

Knit to end of this pattern (machine doesn’t select needles next row)

Turn off pattern selection

K 2 more row white, end COR


Heel: Put all needles left of zero to hold

Set machine for hold

Thread with green

*K 1 row, bring next needle, carriage side to hold*

Repeat until 6 remain in work, using a weight as necessary

*Wrap needle carriage side next to in-work stitches, place in work, K1 row*

Repeat until all back in work, cut green thread


Set up machine to knit all needles, knit across in white

Knit 2 more rows plain white

Set pattern to start at beginning of pattern, go outside turn mark,

Knit a row to select needles

Thread with green as second color and knit 6 rows

Knit 3 rows plain white


Toe: Make exactly the same as heel in green


Thread up with waste yarn and put a dozen rows of waste on


Kitchener toe to foot top, weave side seam.

Add chain for hanger